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Who Are We?​​

KNJ HR Solutions (KNJ) is a human resource consulting company located in Dallas, TX.  KNJ has expertise in a wide-range of HR areas, and specializes in assisting small to medium-sized businesses who are in need of professional HR services.

Because of their size, many small to medium-sized businesses may not have HR staff, or need full-time HR assistance.  KNJ HR Solutions can assist companies with their HR needs by partnering  with organizations to provide customized and practical HR expertise on an as needed or ongoing basis, at a competitive and affordable cost.


Project-Based C onsulting

Services typically include one-time special projects such as, conducting an HR Audit or updating your employee handbook.

Retained HR Services

Provides on-call HR services when needed, and equips businesses with a reliable resource when HR questions or needs arise.

Outsourced HR Solutions

Provides businesses with a trained HR specialist devoted to developing and maintaining HR programs and compliance requirements.


How Can My Organization Benefit?

By outsourcing projects and tasks to experienced HR professionals, companies can ensure they are receiving experienced HR support that will increase productivity, limit potential liability, and positively impact your organization's bottom line.  We can assist with your HR needs from management consulting and compliance assistance, to policy development and employee issues.

This provides business owners the opportunity to focus on their core business functions, while still establishing and maintaining effective HR policies and practices.

If you would like more information about our HR consulting services, please contact us!


KNJ HR Solutions is honored to be your chosen provider of HR consulting services, and values the trust you put in us.  We look forward to partnering with you for many years to come.

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