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Pricing Models

KNJ HR Solutions offers three pricing models, tailored to meet your organization's specific needs. A detailed contract is prepared after services have been requested, and the scope of need has been assessed. An HR Audit can assist in determining the type of HR assistance that may be needed.

Project-Based Consulting

Services typically include one-time special projects such as, conducting an HR Audit or updating your employee handbook.  This option also includes Supervisory or HR related training or speaking engagements. An agreement is prepared based on the estimated time required to complete the requested project, including research and preparation time. An hourly rate is applied to the estimated number of hours, and travel & other business related expenses (if incurred) are also assessed.

Retained HR Services

Provides on-call HR services when needed, and equips businesses with a reliable resource when HR situations or needs arise.   Some clients find that their HR needs are best served by having a retained HR consulting agreement. This option supplies organizations with access to an experienced HR professional, either via phone or email, to assist with questions and advice regarding HR issues. This option is available for a pre-negotiated flat fee per month.  

Outsourced HR Solutions

Provides businesses with a trained HR specialist devoted to developing and maintaining HR operational programs and compliance requirements.  On-site HR administration, management training, and special HR projects are also performed. Typically, an HR Audit will be performed initially to examine the organizations HR related needs, activities, and functions. Contracted clients will receive a pre-determined number of hours each month to perform the agreed upon projects. Clients are invoiced monthly, and travel & other business related expenses (if incurred) are also assessed. Generally, these agreements are renewed annually.

If you would like more information about our HR consulting services, please contact us!

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