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The critical nature of HR activities makes having accurate and timely information and practices important, not just because errors and compliance penalties can cost your organization money, but they can also cause employee issues that could be detrimental to your company's operations.  KNJ HR Solutions offers the following services to assist:

HR Audits

HR Audits assist companies in determining if their HR functions are compliant, fair, consistent, and effective.  General areas reviewed include HR policies and procedures, compensation/benefits, EEO practices, hiring/recruiting practices, records maintenance, training & development, and more.  A written summary will be provided, including recommendations on areas that may need to be updated or improved.

Employee Relations

Internal investigations are often complicated. We provide assistance and support to organizations by offering independent, third-party investigations.  Initial proper handling of these situations can assist with avoiding costly litigation or fines for your organization.  We also provide assistance with exit interviews, employee recognition program development, and new hire orientation development.

HR Compliance

We provide support and customized solutions to ensure your HR functions are in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations regarding topics such as DOL and EEO regulations, FMLA, FLSA, NLRA, ADA, and more.  Our consultants can review your current policies or practices, and provide recommended updates or improvements.   

Management Support

Our experienced consultants provide management with a valued resource to consult with regarding management related matters such as coaching, counseling, & disciplining, conflict management, documenting properly, communicating effectively, employment law clarification, and much more. 

Climate Analysis

An organization climate analysis may be performed to assess the overall conditions of the workplace as viewed by the employees.  To ensure we have a full and accurate account of your team's current status, we will gather data.  This is done by interviewing identified team members.  This data will be analyzed and the findings will be delivered in a written report. 

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are used in communicating to employees the essential functions of the job, determining the worth of the position, hiring the right employees, and assisting management in analyzing employees' performance. Our experienced consultants can partner with you to develop custom job descriptions for your organization.


Our consultants can provide customized supervisory and HR training tailored to meet your company's specific needs.  Topics include Basic Management Skills, Employment Law Basics, Harassment and Discrimination, Coaching, Counseling & Disciplining, Hiring & Interviewing, Conflict Management, and more.  Training is available in full-day or half-day sessions.

Organizational Reviews

Organizational reviews analyze your company's staffing structure and identifies any structural and/or talent gaps.  The review also assists with developing an organizational structure plan congruent with your organization's size and operational needs.  Results will be delivered in a written report.

Handbook Updates

Employee handbooks communicate HR policies to employees and provide a resource for your organization to assist with maintaining consistency in employment practices and compliance with applicable employment laws. We can review and update your employee handbook, or develop a customized employee handbook designed to fit your organization's philosophy, goals, objectives, current policies, and benefits.

Project-Based Consulting

Services typically include one-time special projects such as, conducting an HR Audit or updating your employee handbook.

Retained HR Services

Provides on-call HR services when needed, and equips businesses with a reliable resource when HR questions or needs arise.

Outsourced HR Solutions

Provides businesses with a trained HR specialist devoted to developing and maintaining HR programs and compliance requirements.

Our Promise

We provide simplified, knowledgeable, and passionate HR expertise to our valued business partners.  We are driven by our desire to strategize, empower, and promote success for those we collaborate with, creating a trusted and distinctive bond that further seeks to maximize your organization's human capital and market position.

Kimberly Jones - KNJ HR Solutions

For more information about our services or to receive a pricing quote, please contact us!

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